Indigenous communities in remote Australia are typically small, isolated towns with basic facilities on traditionally owned land. These communities can have between 20-1000 inhabitants and are often closed to outsiders for cultural reasons. There is very little employment opportunity and high costs of food and fuel. In these "hopeless" conditions, families struggle to live. The end result is the majority turning to substance abuse, which is a pattern historically established. This, in turn, leads to alarming rates of domestic abuse, incest, teen pregnancy, and suicide. According to the United Nations, as of 2007,  the quality of life of Aboriginal people is the second worst of the planet.

Cape York Community Outreaches

Our vision in reaching the Indigenous communities with the Gospel is to see people set free from the destructive hold of alcoholism, substance abuse, and violence. We know that Jesus Christ can SAVE them, FREE them, HEAL them, and give them a HOPE for the future that God has planned for them!

Many of these communities do not have churches and preachers often do not travel there do to their remote locations. We here at FHMI have made it a part of our mission to to reach out to people in these communities. We are touching their lives through natural provisions of fresh food, clothing, and other resources as well as preaching the Gospel and healing the sick. Testimonies abound from these communities. God is revealing Himself in mighty ways to these people!