We are going to both the coastal and outback regions of Australia to preach the uncompromised Gospel, with signs and wonders confirming the Word. We are taking the promises of God to the people of the South Pacific Islands, teaching them who they are in Christ and training up believers to reach their nations for Jesus Christ. We believe in empowering believers to do the works of Jesus and to obey the Great Commission, so they too will go into all the world preaching the Gospel.

We saw two flaming arrows shoot from the United States and go around the world to land in North-East Australia. As the arrows landed, a fire was lit and soon fires were cropping up all over that area and then individually on the islands of the sea. God told us that He would send us to Australia with the fire of the Holy Spirit and it would ignite unbelievers as well as rekindle believers.

Since that time, we have ministered both in Australia and the Islands, and have seen the need for the moving of the Holy Spirit and for preaching of the Word of God with the power of God. People in these areas are not interested in a dry Gospel. They are thirsting for the presence of God. They want to experience God in a tangible, powerful, life changing way.

Our Vision