About Us

FHMI has had a heart for the Islands of the South Pacific since it's start. Through supplying natural needs like building supplies, clothing, and special packs for men, women, and children, we impact these nations with the reality of God's love!

Our focus in outreaching is always to preach the Gospel and give people the opportunity to receive Jesus as Lord. Many people who would never come to a church will attend an outdoor community meeting. Since 2010, we've seen over 400 people receive Jesus through outreaches!

FHMI holds children's outreaches around the Cairns areas as well as Indigenous communities. Utilizing music, games, prizes, and skits, we preach the Gospel and many children receive Jesus!

Children's Outreaches

South Pacific Islands

Cape York Communities

The Cape York Communities are remote Indigenous communities. Our purpose in reaching out to these communities is two-fold: to build up believers with no access to churches, and to evangelize the unsaved.

Why Do Outreaches?